Mudgeport Terms and Conditions

Hey! Thanks for joining me here at Mudgeport, and may your tide be always high. ;) If the invite-only nature of this social site didn't already tip you off, this is no legal document; I just want to put the obvious in writing so it's out of the way.

Privacy Policy

I, Jack Mudge, am the sole maintainer. I care about my privacy and want my friends around, so I care about theirs. The site is hosted in AWS, like everything else these days, but all uploads, post data, and the server itself are encrypted. I've also enabled most privacy-related settings, such as hiding e-mail addresses from users.

What you post here, even in private channels and direct messages, is visible to me if I queried the database. I promise I won't. If that's good enough for you, we're all set. :)

Terms, Conditions, and Code of Conduct

I reserve every right to cause any user to walk the plank. I also reserve the right to make obnoxious nautical references despite being a landlubber. Both of which, I hope, should be theoretical concerns since this is an invite-only site.

My code of conduct policy is simple, and applies common sense and relies on the inherent sense of community: Be excellent. That doesn't always mean " be nice" (although it often does), but it does mean knowing when acting like a civilized adult is called for and applying that sensibility. I believe this is a very easy standard; unless you're actively here to cause trouble, this should be automatic.

With that said, if you got an invite, join in, have fun, and let me know if you have any problems!

GDPR Compliance Statement

You're kidding, right?

This article was updated on September 8, 2020

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